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Marty Stokes & Captiva Band @ Cadillac Jacks

2014 01 18_Marty Stokes Band_0093_edited-1

I received the invitation to hear a local band with the lead singer Marty Stokes.  I arrived at Cadillac Jacks and took my usual seat next to the pillar at a small round table of to the front side of the band.  My waitress Ashley was attentive as usual, even with the noticeably larger crowd in the establishment.  The band was a bit late in getting started (no fault of theirs as there was another event prior to their arrival).  I placed my order and prepared to enjoy my evening.  This band was well worth the wait.

Marty Stokes

Marty Stokes

Marty Stokes was on lead guitar and the only vocalist, his smooth authentic sound was a pleasure to listen to and his guitar was smoking hot.

Michael Dock

Michael Dock

Bassist  Michael Dock was hitting the bass with true blues precision.

Jennifer Mazziotti

Jennifer Mazziotti

Jennifer Mazziotti on keys and sax (more about her in a moment)

Scott Williams

Scott Williams

Scott Williams was slick on the percussion.

Their combination of covers and originals was entertaining and wonderful to listen to.  The authenticity of their originals made them seem extremely timeless.  They played one of my all time favorites Match Box and I personally enjoyed their version.  One of the originals really stood out to me; not because of the name or the tune, but because of the sax.  Jennifer is incredible, she’s not showy or a “look at me” player, but let me tell you, once she starts whaling on that sax you sit up and take notice!  She is incredible.  The song which stood out was their original Take a Little Time. Jennifer definitely made her presence known on this killer number.

If you ever get the chance to take in this Blues Band, please do you will not be disappointed.

Oh and try the potato skins at Cadillac Jacks, I think they were the best I have even eaten.  I was tempted to order a second batch to bring home!

A Step Back in Time

This weekend I was able to attend the Riverdale Kiwanis Medieval Faire held annually at Lakes Park in Fort Myers, Florida.

What a wonderful fun event for the entire family.  Lots of fun shows to watch that will keep even your littlest trolls engaged.  From a live chess match to the traditional jousting and minstrel shows.

Knight after a joust

Knight after a joust

Chess Match

Chess Match

Magic & Mahem

Magic & Mahem

One of my all time favorites is the Barely Balanced troupe.  These three friends will make even the most cold hearted pirate laugh.  With Large (Jimmy) Medium (Cameron) and Small (Margret) performing feats of strength, agility and balance.  If you can stay late make sure you check out their fire show.

Barely Balanced

Barely Balanced

Next I must get my Craic fix.  This high energy Celtic ensemble drums, pipes and fiddles your cares away.  Another must see show.

The Craic

The Craic

Another fun show worthy of mention is the Washer Women, the best dirty, clean fun you can have.

The Faire will be happening once again this coming weekend January 18 & 19, 2014.  Get there early and plan to stay late, lots of great food, (including those smoked turkey legs), grog, including beer, wine & mead, vendors who sell every type of medieval garb and shiny objects possible and a lot more shows and games and Medieval rides for all ages.

Gregg Allman

Last night I was given the privilege to attend a Gregg Allman concert.  This was my first time hearing him live and what a treat to the ears it was.

First let me tell you about Sailor Circus Sarasota the venue in which the event was held.  It was a smaller venue, with stadium seating and floor seating.  Quaint and cozy; the seats were extremely close together and not a lot of leg room.  Not sure this could’ve been avoided, but it was still a great venue simply because I don’t feel there was a bad seat in the house.  We were fortunate enough to be in the stadium seating fifth row up and pretty close to the stage.  No complaints about that.

Unfortunately I was not granted a photo pass for this event, (I will apologize ahead of time for the bad cell phone photos) I know it’s a gamble on getting passes for out of town events, however we were close enough my iPhone was able to at least capture the feel of the stage.  Not great photos, but at least something to post with.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and get into the meat of the program.  There were two opening acts, and I felt it strange at first that Gregg’s son Devon Allman Band was the first act to open, in my mind I thought he was going to be prior to his dad.  He took the stage and it was like seeing his father (with shorter hair) up there, his sound was very much influenced by his dad, of that you can be certain. His tour is called the Turquois Tour and is based on his newest first ever solo album of the same name with a bluesy rock feel to it.  His songs were fresh and had hitting.  The song When I Left Home, was a biographical song of his life as the son of a rock star and his start in the music business.  His song Turn Off the World also was a ballad of needing to get away from life and the stresses of the road.  Overall Devon put on a great show and this listener will be purchasing his newest CD Turquois.

Devon Allman

Devon Allman

Next up was a local band (out of the Pinellas County area) called The Greg Billings Band at first I couldn’t figure out why a local band was the opening act to Gregg Allman, but one minute into this bands set and you knew exactly why!  High energy, fun to watch, and a dream to the ears.  Their first song Built for Love was hard hitting and full of great guitar.  The vocalist was on the money and never stood still (good thing I didn’t have to photograph him).  They too had released a new album and last night was the first time it had been offered, I may have to look them up on iTunes as well for the downloadable version.  They covered a song by Sister Roseta Tharpe Ain’t No Grave and received a standing ovation for this one.  Phenomenal sound, phenomenal energy and a great opening act for Gregg.

Greg Billings Band

Greg Billings Band from Pinellas County

Now let’s get to our headliner the one and only Gregg Allman and I must say (this is for the ladies) he is still as good looking as ever!  He took the stage behind  that Hammond Organ and the sound was incredible.  His line-up of musicians were as follows Scott Sharrard-guitar, Ben Stivers- Keyboard, Steve Potts-drums, Jay Collins-horns, and Ron Johnson-bass.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of his percussionist and he brought his son back on stage with guitar on a couple of numbers.

Behind the Hammond

Behind the Hammond

Gregg Allman

On guitar

Gregg & Devon

With Son Devon Allman

Gregg performed a few numbers from several of his albums like his latest release like Floating Bridge from Low Country Blues, Whipping Post from Searching for Simplicity.  And of course he performed the Allman Brother’s classic Sweet Melissa.   His rocking style has not faded, however he has delved more into a Jazzy Blues feels with allowing his band mates to perform a jazz number during his intermission.  Overall the show was excellent and I have Sailor Circus Sarasota to thank and Matt Mangas at 94.5  “The Arrow” for the awesome tickets;  a couple of my friends who were able to attend because of his generosity.

An Afternoon At the Beach


Since today is the first day of the new year, I decided to take a nice long walk on the beach.  It felt good to be in the sunshine and get some much needed Vitamin D.  During my walk I did a lot of thinking and focusing on what I want for this next year.  I went over the lessons I have learned and also took some wonderful bird photos.  I simply love birds, they are all different, each have their own way of doing things and the freedom to fly when they need to.  

Great Lessons I Learned in 2013
I learned I have a lot of really good friends, some I didn’t realize until the rains hit. 
I learned I am resilient and bounce back quickly from adversity
I learned I am talented, creative and artistic and know how to succeed personally and professionally
I Learned that not everyone who says they are your friend is
I learned I am beautiful and strong and have a lot to offer
I learned I control the weather within my life
I learned that the people you love use you, hurt you and let you go
I learned what really matters is living my life authentically and not be afraid to take chances and to stand up for what I believe. 
2014 is going to be the best year ever and I can’t wait to see what the next 364 days is going to produce… can bet it won’t be anything I don’t want!


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