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My New Camera

Clown Fish
Clown Fish
Sunset at Bunch Beach
Sunset at Bunch Beach

Recently I made a huge purchase, one that can take my photography to a whole new level.  I know it’s not the camera that turns out great photos, it’s the eyes behind the lens however, a really good camera can help. 

I have been using a Canon EOS XS and absolutely love this little camera, I have several lenses for it, including the kit 55mm, a 70-300mm with macro, a 50mm prime, an 18-200mm and a couple of wide angle attachments with macro.  This camera has been a workhorse with very few problems.  Because my partner and I photograph in a lot of low light situations, I really felt the need to upgrade to a more pro level camera with more ISO control.  I began looking around and reading reviews on several different models of full-frame cameras from Canon; I wanted to stay with Canon because of the glass investment I already have, as most of my lenses will fit the new camera.  After much debate and deliberation and price points, I decided on the fairly new (came out in late 2012) Canon EOS 6d.  I went to Best Buy to order and had the camera within three days.  If anyone is in the Bonita Springs Florida area reading this, please go see Max at Best Buy at Coconut Point Mall, he is wonderful and was extremely helpful.

I decided to buy the camera with the 24-105mm L series lens.  Best buy also had a special on lenses if you bought certain lenses you could get $300 off, so I opted for the 70-300mm Canon EF lens.  Not to mention the great Canon camera bag that Max through in with a really nice discount.

To say I was excited is an understatement! I could not wait for delivery day.  I felt as if Christmas had come early, and indeed it had. When the camera arrived I cautiously opened the package that contained my newest edition. I have to say that excitement has not diminished.  This camera is a dream to shoot, although it has a smaller body than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III it is still a very substantial camera.  From the moment I turned it on, it felt familiar yet, new.  I have taken this camera out in several different lighting situations and have found it’s going to work for my needs.  In low light it’s fast and accurate and very little noise.  The 6d offers a lot of creative control and it also has video, but at this time I have not used the video feature (not that I won’t, but it’s not why I decided on this camera).  The best thing about this camera is the WiFi capability, yes I said WiFi, and the fact that I can use a wireless remote which I already own; my iPhone upon which I downloaded the EOS App that will completely run my camera. It will also upload photos to my iPhone and to a WiFi enabled computer.

The photos are crisp and sharp and autofocus is fast and accurate even in low light.  The 24-105 lens is excellent for low light with the 77mm filter ring; a great pairing.  With the photos I have taken so far the editing time has been diminished, which is wonderful because it will cut down on my overall processing time.

I will be using the Canon 6d for an up-coming wedding and can’t wait to put this camera through its paces.  I will also be using my Canon XS with the 50mm fixed lens.  My partner also has a Canon XS and he will be using the 18-200mm. 

I am quite impressed with this camera and will update this post as I become more familiar with the assets the Canon 6d provides. Stay tuned…


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In The Beginning

My father Azle Marteney and my camera
My father Azle Marteney and my camera

Growing up I watched my dad create some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen. I loved watching him mix the chemicals and to see the funny looking image on the negatives become a work of art. I spent hours with my father in that dark room with the cool red light outside the door and understood if I opened the door when the light was on, the pictures he was creating would be ruined. I loved spending this time with my dad and in the thirty years since his passing, I miss that time and wish I had paid a lot more attention and learned more from him.

I remember daddy giving me my first “real” grown up camera which I still possess; it was a 2 ¼ x2 ¼ box camera by Yaschica. The feel of the leather cover and the little screen you look down into still captures my imagination. I had a few other Kodak instamatic cameras, but this was a real photographer’s camera and it had belonged to my dad. I lost track of this camera for a couple of decades, however a little over a year ago as my sister was going through her deceased husbands belongings found my lost treasure. I cried at the sight of this beauty.

Even though I am much older than when I first received that precious gift from my dad and have gone through several cameras since, I have grown up and into a photographer and have learned the technology behind going digital. My dad would have loved this new world of photography and I know he would have embraced it as fervently as I have. I miss the smell of those chemicals in his dark room, but I imagine being with him every time I click on my PhotoShop icon. Daddy and I would have had a grand time, he has been gone now for thirty years, but his memory lives in every single photograph I take. His legacy was not only passed down to myself, but to my youngest son who is an incredibly talented photographer. Daddy it’s to you I dedicate my first blog post.