A Metaphore with Butterflies

I did many things this weekend which were fun and exciting. As a newly “again” single I met up with friends for dinner on Friday evening “V” Day to listen and dance to some great music by Copper Head at a new place called Ter-Tinis.

2014 02 14_Ter-Tini's_1479_edited-1

Saturday evening I went with a couple to watch some great blues with the Marty Stokes Band at a local place called Cadillac Jacks.  (I have blogged about this band before).

2014 02 15_Marty Stokes_1528_edited-1
Marty Stokes Band at Cadillac Jacks

Today, Sunday I hosted a small group at The Butterfly Estates in downtown Fort Myers and had a wonderful time with these friends.  Our tour began with the docent speaking about the life cycle of the butterfly and how they must have certain plants to feed on and certain plants to form the chrysalis.  As she was speaking again I was thinking about my life and what was going on within myself.  As we entered the greenhouse the butterflies were flitting about all around us and you have to feel like a child when watching the magic of these incredible creatures.  Butterflies are not the easiest fauna to photograph, I use my 70-300mm long lens because once you start getting too close they will flit off and it’s difficult to get them to lite again.  I did manage to get a few shots off of some
of the butterflies and was happy with my results.  My friend Geva attended and it was wonderful to have opportunity to talk with her.
She recently published a book which I have read and it’s exactly what I needed at this time in my life.  Geva like the butterfly transformed her life into a one of abundance, happiness and beauty in a one year experiment and in doing so chronicled it in written word.

2014 02 16_Butterfly Estates_1593_edited-1
The Butterfly Estates

My life has been a bit like the caterpillar, sort of chugging along, doing what I need to do to keep going, not enjoying it as much I should be, and then these past few months I have sequestered myself within a cocoon because of some things that have taken place. However, recently I have started to break free of that cocoon and I am emerging into something quite beautiful. I’m in the process of spreading my wings getting ready to take flight…..it’s only a matter of time. Life is definitely getting better, but isn’t that subjective to how we view it? I know what bothered me yesterday, doesn’t bother me today. What upset me last week is really trivial and I won’t allow it to upset me again. I’m finding I am in love with my life and myself. I want to share the beauty of the world with my camera and nothing gives me any greater pleasure.

If you are interested in my friend Geva’s book please check out her facebook page and website: www.facebook.com/GevaSalerno1

2014 02 16_Butterfly Estates_1584_edited-1
Geva Salerno – Author

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