I know many are wondering why I titled a photo blog ‘Education’. I titled it as such because no matter what we do in life, we should continue to learn and grow and make ourselves better and more educated. It’s the same for the photographer. Maybe you went to school to become a photographer, or you studied design and/or art years ago and you think “well that’s all I need to succeed” true it may be, but in our ever changing world of technology there is always so much more to learn. I have found the simple act of getting a new camera or new software challenges my brain and I am constantly searching for learning opportunities to improve myself, my software use and my overall photography.
Even though I have been taking photos for well over 25 years, I still want to learn new techniques to make myself better and more marketable. I read everything I can get my hands on and I am constantly searching YouTube, books and the internet for instructional videos and articles. I’m not afraid to talk to other photographers, most are willing to help. I have my own style of photography and love looking at the styles of other brilliant photographers work. I have taken Photoshop classes to be able to quickly enhance my photos if needed; recently purchased Adobe Lightroom and I’m slowly learning how to use it to best meet my needs, so far I love it and it does make processing my photos a lot faster, even though I am pretty quick with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Last year I upgraded my camera and I am still learning what it can do outside of what I use it for. This week, I found a free 2 day class (has turned into a 3 day class), on photographing and empowering women in portraits. The class is live and already I have learned so much, especially when it comes to social media and how to get the word out and followers and keeping them engaged in my page. I am on the right track and it’s been my intuition which has guided me in this area. I was also challenged to think up a few ideas upon which I am going to pursue and I’m excited about offering something to a specific group of women that may have some self- esteem/self-worth issues and will be partnering with a local business to accomplish this. I am passionate about my choices in life and photography is simply one of those choices. I have a full time job and for right now photography is only a part time business, but who knows what the future may bring, if I want it bad enough it will happen.
I am getting ready to hook up with day two of my online class and I am looking forward to it. So this morning while waiting I set up my new home studio. I have plenty of room to work and lots of natural light along with my shoot through umbrellas. I will use this studio set up for late evening work and on days I can’t take my clients out-doors.
So to you that are fence sitting about learning and growing, jump off and jump in, you never know what you may find that will inspire, create and motivate you into doing something you have always wanted to do. Get an education, it doesn’t have to cost anything, nor does it have to be in a classroom. And of course most of all enjoy your passion!

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