Embracing the Beautiful You


Hey ladies! How many of you have had recent photographs taken? I know for me it’s been years as I am not comfortable in front of the camera. I simply avoided being in photographs, using the excuse that I was the photographer. When my boys were younger and we were on vacations I rarely appeared in any photographs because I was so overweight, I really disliked myself and the way I looked. I would cringe when I saw any images of myself. Reality is, my boys don’t have many photographs of me with or without them. This makes me very sad. I was young and didn’t realize how extremely selfish that decision was. I know many ladies feel this exact same way. My boys now grown and I cannot go back and change that mindset I had within myself, but I can make up for lost time. Recently I had my friend Geva take a few shots of me and they are gorgeous, I trusted her with doing this because she is quite talented and is an artist so I knew what she would see would be something I would like.

As I age I want to embrace my beauty and not recoil away from it. Ladies let me tell you, if you are shying away from the camera STOP and allow someone to capture your true beauty. Your children are going to want to look back at the photos when you are gone and be able to show them to your grandchildren and beyond. Leave a beautiful legacy for the young men and women in your life. If you have a photographer then wonderful, call them and tell them you want photos taken of yourself. If you don’t have a photographer feel free to call me and I would be thrilled to reveal the beautiful you through the lens of my camera. I understand many of us are in that forty and over age category and are beginning to show those wonderful character lines on our face, and maybe our hair is beginning to lighten; embrace it ladies it’s all part of our life. And for you younger ladies please make sure you allow photos of yourself with your children on vacations and for special events. Don’t wait until your children are grown and realize life has passed you by and you are not in any recording (photographs, videos, etc) with your children.

As you can imagine this was not an easy post for me, but I am including photos of myself and some of my friends I have recently taken. Don’t wait, get those photos as we are never guaranteed our time on earth so do it today.

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