Friends, Chickens and Photography

This past weekend I took off for a little road trip.  I had planned this over a month ago, to spend some time with my BFF and her husband. He has recently accepted a job as a communication deputy for their county and was handed some camera equipment.  I went up to visit and also to help him understand his camera a bit more.  He was pretty knowledgeable so it was an easy job.

Because my life is crazy busy, I am trying to take more timeouts and allow myself some mini holidays. Visiting friends and family is a great way to spend a weekend.  Of course my camera is never very far from my hands and this weekend was no exception.  From getting down on the floor to photograph “the girls” to being on the back of an ATV I kept my camera close for those not to miss shots.

Chicken NuggetBack of the ATV ATV fun

One of the most wonderful joys of the weekend was “the girls” I have never been around chickens very much and I must say I think I like them a lot.  I even got to hold one, she was so sweet.  Overall it was a fabulous weekend, but it didn’t last nearly long enough.

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