Opportunities Abound

As each day passes I wake up to new opportunities as a photographer.  Who would have thought a few months ago that I would be this busy and have more work than I know what to do with.  I truly love being a photographer and I am enjoying every opportunity that is crossing my path. 
This past weekend I was honored to be the official photographer for a very large fund raising event in the Port Charlotte area.  I was able to participate in helping to raise money for the Homeless Coalition of Charlotte County.  I not only offered a couple of my photographs for a silent auction, but I helped up the ante with the five bands who performed and raised money by offering my services as a photographer to the band who raised the largest amount of money for the event.  Copperhead was the hands down winner by raising $1800 and I am in the process of securing their contract for my photographic services.
It really felt good to be involved knowing the money raised would buy an entire years’ worth of food for the Homeless Shelter.  I love giving back to those who need a hand up.  God has been good to me and my goal is to give back as much as I can and share my blessings with others.
I will be photographing some really large concerts for 94.5 “The Arrow” this month so stay tuned!

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