Life After Six Months

I cannot believe we are already into July!  The year is flying by and so much has taken place in the last six months.  Life changed for the better toward the end of last year, I  eliminated negative influences and cleaned out the friend closet by eliminating those who never had my back or my best interest, chose to be deceitful and blatantly lie; sometimes you have to consider the source, cut your losses, count your blessings and move forward.  I gained so much more than I ever lost as I have been blessed tenfold; so many true friends came forward to show support and have been my cheering squad and biggest fans.  Opportunities opened up that never would have if I had remained where I was, and I am better than ever.  Even with all of the great things happening I still had a difficult time forgiving.  All the right things were done and wonderful opportunities were coming my way, I really needed to forgive one person; myself.  I know this sounds selfish, but I constantly questioned why I had wasted so much time and settled for less than I deserved, and I was beating myself up over decisions or lack of.  I had been wrestling with this concept for several months and in June every time I turned around the word forgiveness was staring me in the face and every time I read or looked at affirmations that word kept creeping in and unsettling me.  Finally through some guidance I realized if I didn’t forgive the only person I was hurting was me.  All I can say about this is……what incredible freedom I have found with the simple act of forgiveness.  Every day I wake up to new opportunities and a heart full of gratitude for what I have been given.

I have posted on Facebook there are times I wake up feeling the greatness of the day and sure enough I will get some huge event or news of something happening that I will be a part of.  This was a reality in May I kept telling everyone I felt as if I was on the edge of something huge and sure enough I was graced with an important event at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida and was able to share that opportunity with another female photographer who has now become a friend through this.

Ritz Carlton sponsored by Intel
Ritz Carlton sponsored by Intel

This past week I have felt it again and sure enough one of the biggest opportunities will be heading my way in February 2015 as I embark on a rock cruise called Shiprocked!  So excited not only am I crossing off another bucket list item by going on a cruise, I will get to photograph rock concerts while cruising!  This will open up a huge world of opportunities for me.  I love events, I love photographing people and I also enjoy photographing the natural world where I spend my free time refreshing my creative juices.

Gator Eyes
Gator Eyes

First and foremost I am human, I make mistakes and I tend to allow my heart to guide me, but I learned a lot about myself in the past six months.  I know  I am a wonderful photographer and I love being creative.  I also have very strong intuitions about things, but don’t always listen and bypass the red flags that are presented.  I have drawn upon past experiences and realize those cautions are often there to protect me.  My faith is stronger than ever; I know I’m loved and appreciated by more friends and family than I can count and a God who loves me unconditionally.  Yes, I lost a few that I thought were friends, but I found they were mere lemmings and quite chameleon.  The world has way too many of those types and I prefer to be authentic and to lay my self out and be real.  Basically what you see is what you get and I like myself way too much to change.

Happiness abounds and I feel it shows through my photography.  The pure joy of simply holding my camera makes every day an adventure I wake up so excited for the day and can’t wait to either post my photos to share or write about my newest adventure.  I know I am walking in the path that was designed specifically for me, and this simple knowledge brings some of the greatest joy I have ever experienced.  Smiling and laughter are a huge part of my life and it shows how wonderful it all can be.  Please join my in my newest adventures and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media you can find me on.

I realize this was not entirely about being behind the lens, but yet again, it is; as I am living out my life in front of the camera we call this world.

Freedom and happiness
Freedom and happiness

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