Riding the Wave

"Ride the wave baby"
“Ride the wave baby”

I was given an encouragement recently to “ride the wave, baby” and I’ve been thinking about what that actually means.  I’ve had an incredible year, I have allowed my talents and gifts to grow and I’m constantly trying to improve my work as a photographer.  It seems as if one wonderful thing after another has been coming my way, with so few setbacks they are not even worth mentioning.  Not to say there hasn’t been rough patches, there has been, but I don’t dwell on them as I would have in the past.  It was said that maybe I’m no longer interfering with the flow of my own energy.  I had to think about that statement too and what that really means.

I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, from the time I was young, I didn’t like erasing on my paper or if writing in pen I had a difficult time crossing through because I would want to start over on a clean sheet of paper. I have always had the need to do things perfectly. It was a fear of never being good enough. I have carried this perfectionism through most of my life and into adulthood and I know in looking back it has interfered with relationships; not intentionally, yet I would expect those around me to adhere to the same standards and become upset when it didn’t happen and not always expressing it outwardly, I would keep that disappointment deep within my mind. This created a lot of stress within myself and my relationships and I made some poor choices.  It also caused me to listen to the negative voices of not being good enough.  It’s an extremely self-centered and self destructive way to be.  I’ve learned some difficult lessons, but I have learned to “let it go”  The full journey actually began over two years ago when I laid my worrying to rest through the guidance of my friend Karen Ziegler’s book Freedom From Worry* based on scripture Phil. 4:6&7.  I also started being thankful for everything in my life, and still keep a gratitude journal almost daily.  This has allowed me to open up and to be more authentic and to remove the blockage which in turn opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to eliminate toxic relationships from my life, not an easy task but needed and very freeing.  Immediately, wonderful things began happening, people entered my life who were only on the sidelines before and have given me a lot of wisdom and encouragement.  I am so thankful for each one of them.  I have found an outlet for writing and of course foremost, there is my photography which has taken off by leaps to where it was.  I have made some incredible contacts and have projects in the works.  Blessings are happening daily and  sometimes minute by minute and now I take the time to be thankful for all I’ve been given.  And, yes even though I don’t totally understand it all, I am going to ‘ride this wave’ of positive energy as it is only building in momentum.

The only other thing that could possibly make this any better is to have a life partner who shares my enthusiasm; after all life is better shared,  yet I am wonderfully blessed with friends and family who share in my  successes as I ride through this incredible life we’ve been given, I encourage every reader to ‘ride the wave’. Practice gratitude and take the most important people with you on your journey.

*Karen Ziegler is in process of writing another book and I was honored to be the one to take the headshot for this newest book.

Book headshot
Book headshot

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