Cinderella’s Magic

Last weekend I was privileged to be asked to attend and be the “official photographer” for a ‘Senior’ Prom.  Now I know we all have flash backs to our own prom, but this one is quite different where as the ‘seniors’ are way older than high school.  Personally I didn’t attend my senior prom, I had attended as a high school junior and was escorted by a young man I liked, however it was a bit of a disaster, he was so nervous he would not talk to me and I think we only danced once……I was a bit disappointed and did not attend in my senior year.

However this prom is so special and very well attended and what makes it so wonderful is the fact that the youth of the church are there with the elderly members dancing and enjoying the festivities right along with them.  The prom is always themed and this year was a gorgeous Cinderella theme complete with a beautiful carriage.

IMG_8239 (Medium)

Because of the nature of the event the photos taken were to be printed on site and to be given to the attendees.  I asked a friend to help and he being so gracious did the uploading and printing for me as I was taking the photos.  It was wonderful to have someone I could trust do this most important part of the evening.  The couples love getting their prom photos as a remembrance for a wonderful evening.

We had a great time watching the couples and seeing some of the interaction between them.  They were so cute as they posed for their “Prom” photos.  This is why I enjoy being a photographer, I think I wore a permanent smile embedded on my face.  I was also a bit envious, because I saw a very deep love in many of the couples and I want that.

IMG_8299 (Medium)IMG_8290 (Medium)

The end of the evening saw the crowning of the Senior Prom King & Queen and also the Jr. Prom King & Queen.

IMG_8348 (Medium)IMG_8345 (Medium)

An incredible evening and a hopeful heart.


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