A Weekend of Retrospect

I sometimes get so busy I forget to actually take time for myself and refresh.  I decided to take a weekend away and go camping, something I truly love to do and yes I do it by myself because I don’t have anyone to enjoy it with me.  If I didn’t do things because I’m alone, life would be boring, would it be more fun with a companion? Yes of course as long as the companion enjoyed it as much as I do.  I hike and trudge through some of nature’s finest swamps and wild lands without really thinking about the dangers that could lurk there.  God created the natural world for us to enjoy and after being really busy and feeling the “stress” of daily life seeing green for a few days is exactly what the doctor ordered.  My mind clears, I get more creative and I am able to bring that creativity back to my day-to-day photography.  I spent the weekend at a private campground, in a very private area, which was nice because they were having a festival of Grateful Dead music called “Skunkin Grateful”, so this actually allowed me to be away from the craziness.  The attendees were well behaved and the atmosphere was incredible.  I sat back and simply enjoyed the music, the fire dancing and the huge bon fire.  I lasted until about 1:00am and understand it went on until about 3:30am or so, by that time I was fast asleep bundled up in my tent because even though the temperature was in the high 80’s during the day the night-time was still in the low 60’s and being a Florida girl that’s cold!  It was so beautiful, between looking at the million stars through the roof of my tent, hearing the distant sound of music wafting through the air and the occasional hoot of an owl lulled me to sleep.

During these away times I look back at what I’m doing and what I have done and wonder how I can be better.  I rely on my intuition to guide me through the lens of my camera and try not to be so technical.  I find when I really let go and listen to my heart instead of my head, my images are 100% better; too bad I don’t do this with my personal life. I feel the image instead of simply seeing it.

It was a wonderful weekend and not sure when I will get the opportunity to do it again, but if I feel myself being pulled in too many directions I simply may disappear again for a couple of days.

Click on the link to check out my photos My Weekend

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