Late last year a friend of mine wanted to learn to shoot long exposure, so I took her to a place I had found a few years ago trying to teach the same method to someone else.  The sun was starting to set so it placed some interesting light on top of the rocks.  The really cool thing about this photo is;  it’s not what it appears to be, yes it’s a waterfall, but not a natural falls, it’s a fountain in front of the Justice building in Down Town Fort Myers.  We were able to get that creamy flow of the water and my friend was thrilled at the results from our evening. I had gotten this shot once before, but we wasn’t using ND filters so the effect was not as dramatic as this one.  I listed below the photo all settings used.

Down Town-3.jpg

Taken with a Canon 6d at ISO 100 98mm f/11 @5 sec. with 8ND filter