Introducing Tommy Owen

20160109-IMG_2508.jpgThere comes a time in each parents life that their child makes them incredibly proud.  I am really fortunate, that both of my boys have done this, simply by being good humans.  But, my youngest picked up a camera at a very young age and began his life long love of photography.

Tommy with the guests at his opening


Phlorida; The State of Euphoria by Tommy Owen

Tommy grew up in the Florida Everglades, with a passion for photography and adventure.  A transplant From St. Petersburg, FL. the youngest of two, followed the rest of his family to the Everglades just as he was starting the first grade.  Growing up in the Everglades has afforded him the opportunity to have a special understanding of the Everglades.  He feels very lucky to not know what tis’ like to be surrounded by concrete, and is incredibly spoiled instead by the flora and fauna found in the world famous wetlands.  Having a connect with the Everglades comes differently for everyone.  Why do you love the Everglades? For Tommy, he enjoys the way the Everglades adapts and changes amongst the immense pressures put upon it from humans and the natural world, making the swamps all the more peculiar.  Photography, for Tommy is his most efficient way to communicate his love and passion for the Everglades and also his best hope in showing people it’s awesome beauty and most intimate details.

To see more of Tommy’s work you can visit his website at and visit him on Facebook and give his page a like.



Tommy with his dad and I

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