Festival Daze

Even though from time to time I photograph portraits, small weddings and events I consider myself a concert photographer. I so enjoy live music in small and large venues. I’ve blogged of my works with legendary artists past and present, yet the thrill of capturing just the right shot, with just the right lighting keeps me returning to the venues over and over for the media outlets I work for.  This past weekend was no different in that regard, but with two full days of shooting it put me at a whole different level mentally and physically.

The festival is Fort Rock and I was fortunate enough to work this particular festival last year, and when asked to photograph it again by the radio station I work for, I jumped at the opportunity; this year it was two days instead of one. When first approached about doing it, I knew it would be a tough gig, so I contacted a gentleman I had worked with last year to see if he wanted to be in the pit again this.  Because of his past experience I knew he was the perfect choice as his work is brilliant.  We made a great team and it was refreshing working with a partner who totally had my back.  He constantly made sure I was okay and checked to see if I needed anything and I knew I could count on him to be where he needed to be when he needed to be there.  I was asked by the station to cover the ‘meet & greets’ where the artists come in and meet with a select group of fans which was problematic for me personally to cover the meet & greets and the bands on stage performing but my partner covered what I missed.

Each day started around 9:30am and ended around 10pm, and it was a typical ‘spring’ day in South West Florida; HOT!  However, our radio station tent had A/C and wow was it terrific to come in from the sweltering heat and cool off. The bands also were grateful to have the A/C especially if their time slot was after their performance.

The list of bands included: 3 Doors Down, Sixx: A.M., Shinedown, Rob Zombie and many others.  If you want the full run down of photos please check out my Facebook page.

Here are a few photos from the weekend.

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