What A Year!

Happy New Year (We can hope anyway)! This blog is based on my work and photography, and since there’s been a standstill in Event, concerts and Weddings, I’ve not had much to write about. So far I’ve stayed out of the Corona virus’ way and have stayed healthy. I hope you reading this have done the same and are looking forward to a New Year with new adventures back outdoors and doing what inspires you.

I belong to a photography group on Meetup.com; we call ourselves the South West Florida Shutterbugs, and even though we were not able to meet in person, our lead organizer and I have kept it going all spring, summer & fall.

2020 started with me moving to a larger home, a girls weekend trip to North Carolina with my best friends, where we stayed in a beautiful cabin and played in the snow. This was in February and within two weeks, the virus reared it’s ugly head and had everyone in a panic and the begin of a shut down for businesses, people not going out and staying at home, which made me thankful I had moved to a place I could fully enjoy.

March found me working from home for a few weeks, and very thankful I had the space to create an office, where it was quiet and functional. April & May were much of the same, carrying masks, going to work and trying to stay safe. In June a few of my friends came down with the virus and one passed away. AJ was a wonderful human, and is missed terribly. June was my birthday month and I self isolated in a beautiful condo on Fort Myers beach for a long weekend.

Fall came and went, but I got to spend time with my sister who came to visit me, had a few visits from friends and did much of the same, stayed home, went to work and did limited shopping in stores (only when I had to). November my Meet up group SWFL Shutterbugs decided to do a live meet up after months of online and virtual meetings, we met at a local park where we could meet safely, following social distancing guidelines. It was wonderful to see the members and we are slowing introducing outdoor events once again.

Thanksgiving was spent alone, and Christmas my youngest son came over to have dinner and celebrate. I also got to face time with my sister and the rest of her family, I missed them so much.

I will add some photos showcasing my time during this past year. Let’s all pray for this virus to go away and that the world can return to some normalcy very soon. God Bless you all and have a Happy New Year!

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