Covid and Me: My Journey With the Virus

Okay, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this or not, but I felt I needed to as it may help someone else navigate through this Covid 19 environment and come out on the other side still alive. I have lost many friends in the past year and a half and frankly I’m tired of the loss.

On Friday July 30 I tested positive for Covid.  Back in April I decided to go ahead and get the vaccine.  I don’t need any debates on it, it was a choice I made for myself and my choice does not affect or hurt you in any way. 

Now onto my story.  I started feeling like I was coming down with a sinus infection on Wednesday July 28 of that week.  I did go to work because symptoms didn’t start until mid-morning and I didn’t think much about it, I deal with sinus issues now and then.  I stayed home on Thursday because I was feeling a lot worse and was fatigued and slept a lot; Thursday night I developed a fever over 102 so I knew something was up.  Friday I went to the clinic and was tested for the Flu and for Covid.  I was positive for Covid.  I had an exam and my lungs were clear, so that was great news for me. I’m pretty sure I know where I picked it up because, from time of exposure to symptoms was four days. 

As soon as I got home from the doctor, I placed an Instacart order and got some soup, Gatorade and other easy to prepare foods to last me a couple of weeks.  I also had my shopper pick up Vitamin D, and Zinc and since they didn’t have any Vitamin C I had him get orange juice.  I stayed inside (taking my trash out was a treat) and slept, tried to stay as active as I could when I was feeling up to it.  My symptoms were, sinus drainage, dry coughing, slight headache, fatigue and I lost my sense of smell.  My sense of taste was intact and fine, but I could not smell anything.  As of today I do have it back, which is great!

Here is my take on all this.  Covid is real, it’s not a conspiracy it’s a pandemic which the world has experienced over and over as long as man has been on earth.  It’s a virus so I’m smart enough to know that there is no true vaccine to get rid of it, but I’m here to tell you that it did help me; yes, I know some have died even after getting the vaccine, but underlying conditions were probably the reason.  I’m not a doctor and neither are many of you.  I don’t play into news media as I don’t watch any source of news, I read it instead.  I have heard the arguments, that they are going to micro chip us with the vaccine (that one still boggles my mind), they are committing genocide with it, it’s not FDA approved (more on that in a bit) and the list goes on and on.  I know people who are legitimately unable to get the shots, because their doctor said they shouldn’t, so I’m not worried about them, they are smart enough to do the right thing with their own health. 

I myself didn’t want the vaccine in the beginning because I don’t get a Flu shot because I always get really, really sick after taking it.  I got the Mumps prior to a Mumps vaccine and then got them a second time after I received the Mumps shot.  I got a Measles shot and still got the Measles, and even the Polio vaccine is 99.9999% effective (kind of like a birth control pill).  Illnesses change and mutate with time; science tells us this.  So I made the personal decision to get the Covid shot.  Now about that FDA approval thing.  Do you watch TV? Do you listen to the information about the medications on commercials? Are these medications FDA approved?  Yes, they are!  Do you pay attention to the LONG laundry list of side effects which many times include death?  Okay, how many of you take prescription medications for some ailment you may have?  Have you read the list of side effects from those drugs?  I have two major drug allergies so I know all about this. Some people have had side effects from the Covid shots, and some have possibly even died, but I wonder how many people have committed suicide from taking anti-depressants that have the side effect of “thoughts of suicide”?  I wonder how many have died from the side affects from high blood pressure medications, there is always that risk.  I read the ingredients that are in the injections to make sure there was nothing in them that I might be allergic to, there wasn’t so I felt confident in the decision.

Just today, I had someone give me a perfect scenario for why the vaccine is a good idea.  What if they came out with a pill or shot that wouldn’t stop you from getting cancer, but you wouldn’t die from it.  You could still get one of the many cancers that are out there, but you would live, would you take that medication? What if it had side effects that could possible be harmful to a handful of people?  Something to think about. 

As I said I’m not here to debate on your choices, it’s totally up to you on getting the shot, but think about your immune compromised friend that maybe can’t be vaccinated, or your elderly parent.  Please wear a mask for them if you don’t want to be vaccinated, (again not here to debate your choice) Be kind to people, and please pray for our overworked nursing staff and frontline doctors who are dealing with Covid daily and are just ready for it to all be over. 

As a side note, I’m not going to hell for getting the vaccine, in fact God gave me a brain and I talked with him long and hard before I received my shots because it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I have peace in my decision and I do not need your judgement (if there is judgement God will deal with me when I meet him). My decision does not affect you in any way except that I will continue to mask up in public to help keep you safe (no debates on this either). I know you may not agree with me, but all I ask is that you respect my personal choices on living my life. I am here to live another day because I was vaccinated.

Pandemic Madness 2020

When all this started, I thought okay, now the nation will come together and rally around each other and ignore party lines and simply get along. Has this happened, NO it has not, in fact the ugliness continues even worse than it was before. There are folks wishing people dead, having a field day with name calling, and if you don’t think like they do or act like they expect you to, you are ignorant, stupid, uneducated and worthless. Just wow! I promise I will never be this naive again to think people actually care more about each other than they do their political party.

I know this is not my normal lovely post about my photography, but this hate filled social media world has me to the point of not wanting anything to do with any of the negative nellies. Everyone seems to be making this pandemic all about politicians and what one side is doing and what the other side wants done. Here’s a great example. I have heard nothing but, there’s not enough COVID19 testing we need more, we need it to be free, we need the results sooner. etc., etc. So our area has added more testing sites with no cost and no doctor’s prescription needed and less than 24 hour turnaround on the results. Do you think people are happy…..OF COURSE NOT! It’s totally sickening and honestly I’m over it, I’m over those who turn everything I post into their political agenda, I’m tired of the name calling; which by the way for you doing this, you are no different than the opposite party you so badly hate, why? Because you are nothing more than a keyboard bully. I promise I will never be this naive again to think people actually care more about each other than they do their political party.

America is in a time of need as are so many other nations. People are hurting, they may lose their homes, their cars, their jobs (many have already) businesses may never bounce back and so many people will be on the street, families with children will go hungry. So why can’t we play nice? Because many would rather bash instead of help.

I will continue to social distance, I will continue to visit parks without wearing a mask because fresh air and sunshine are healthy choices for me; and when in stores I will wear one for you. I will continue to build up my immune system instead of softening it with excessive cleaning and indoor only activities. I will not take a vaccine because my body won’t need it just like it doesn’t need a flu vaccine every year. It is my body, my choice, right?

Sorry, I needed to vent, and I promise I will be back to the regularly scheduled posts next time.

Stay safe and healthy and you do what you need to do for you and your family, and I will do what I need to do for mine.

Working From Home

I have now been working from home with my regular job for 2 weeks, and going into the office one day per week. How is this working? Pretty well actually, I’m getting things accomplished, and staying on track with email, invoices and other busy work. I miss the office interaction and of course I miss my Sandee my office cat, but I do have Harpo checking in on my now and then.

I’m used to working from home because of all the photos I’ve edited and spent hours working on. However, this is different. I’m on a set 8 hour schedule Monday thru Friday just as if I were going to my employment, but home alone. I wanted to share with you a few tips that are working for me.

  1. I wake up early each day to give myself time to shower, make my bed and get dressed. I dress casual, but nice and put on a touch of make up, just to make myself feel better.
  2. A nice protein rich breakfast keeps me going. Then I wash my breakfast dishes and put them away, so I am not tempted to do them when I should be working.
  3. I created a designated office space where I am not in front of a Television or any other distractions.
  4. My water bottle is filled so I can stay hydrated throughout the day; for me this is very important, it keeps me from getting tired.
  5. Difussing essential oils helps with focus.
  6. By 7:15am I log into my work station and let my boss know I am ready to have the phones transferred.
  7. Going over my daily Passion Planner helps to set up my day and I add anything new that’s come up (My Passion Panner is set up the night before).
  8. My workday begins at 7:30am with checking email to see if anything needs my immediate attention, if so it gets added to the planner.
  9. By keeping my scheduled lunch break at noon, I’m able to keep on my daily schedule. I chose a heathy option for lunch and refill the water bottle
  10. Since I’m home I keep a Yoga mat behind me so I can periodically stretch, I find this keeps my brain more focused and gives me a “move” break.
  11. Keeping track of my daily tasks by making a bullet list of the items I accomplished helps me see what I have done and what needs to be carried over to the next day (I’m not 100%, but working on it).
  12. Finally as my day ends at 4 pm. I make sure I go over my planner and move items which did not get accomplished to the following work day.

So there you have it. Are you working from home? Do you have any tips to help get you through your day? If so what are they, please feel free to share them with all of us.

Until next time, stay home, stay healthy and WASH YOUR HANDS!

The New Normal

As of this past Thursday, Our state is in a mandated shutdown. Because of my job, I’m considered essential so I am still working. However, after work and on the weekends I am sheltered at home.

During my “normal” life I am a full time employee and my spare time I’m an event photographer at a local event arena. With COVID-19 all of that has dried up. I really don’t mind the sheltering in place, but I really miss working with my camera. I decided to just set up somet things and play around with my 50mm and my 100mm Macro. I will be doing more of that on the weekends along with more writing and some artistic painting.

What are you doing during this shelter at home? Let’s keep social by having conversations on how you all are coping. Just know this too shall pass. Until next time…….

Life Interrupted

Well, life has changed once again. As I write this we are experiencing a Pandemic in not just the United States, but throughout the world.

Personally I am still working my day job; who knows how long, however we have made drastic changes and have limited who walks through our door. I don’t have as much human contact as I once did. I go home and again no contact. I may be an introvert, but I miss being with friends, but most of all I miss shooting the concerts and events which have all been postponed or canceled. This is my busy time of year too so now I’m doing basically nothing. I am adjusting, but also have been on an outing or two, with social distancing. I did that his Sunday with a friend. Kati and I met at our destination, stayed a reasonable distance apart, yet was still able to talk to each other, be outside in the sunshine and fresh air and photograph some of the cutest Owls on the planet; burrowing Owls with their young. I have starting doing Yoga at home which helps with the stress, and I bought supplies to paint again. Listening to music also helps.

I don’t buy into fear mongering, I’m doing what I can to keep my hands washed and my place clean. I know I’m not the only one feeling this impact upon our lives, so share with me what you are doing to get through this trying time in our lives. Are you self quarantining? Are you still working your regular job or are you working from home? Are you in the service industry? Let’s hold a conversation and get each other through this trying time in our lives. Just know this too shall pass. We are all in this together, God bless each and every one of you.