Another Night of Great Blues

2013 12 21_Joey Gilmore Band_0384_edited-1

2013 12 21_Joey Gilmore Band_0388_edited-1

Last night I  had the privilege of not only listening to, but photographing a blues legend; Mr. Joey Gilmore. Music was provided by the Joey Gilmore Band and was hosted by Cadillac Jacks which is quickly becoming the premier spot for incredible blues music.  A special thanks to Willie Miller of Mill-Jenn Entertainment for providing this incredible experience. 

I was fortunate enough prior to the show to meet a couple of the band members including getting to shake the hand of the legend that handles a guitar as if it were a fine glass of wine.  Such a wonderful thrill to meet Joey Gilmore.  Joey’s band consists of R Hi-Hatt Carter who provides a silky bass undertone, the man Willie Miller on drums who also hits some incredible vocals and Sonny Boy Williams tickling the keys with a flair of a true bluesman.  This four-piece ensemble was such a treat to listen to, each instrument was highlighted as well as each member lending their leads on vocals as well as back up.  So much talent in one room should almost be illegal! 

Joey Gilmore Band captivated the audience and provided a great evening of entertainment.

Cadillac Jacks is quickly becoming South West Florida’s premier spot for blues. If you live in South West Florida and not been out on Saturday to have dinner and catch a show you are missing a wonderful experience. Last night included members from the South West Florida Blues Society who truly enjoyed the experience.
If you find you want to enjoy a great evening out, head on over to Cadillac Jacks Blues night every Saturday put on my Mill-Jenn Entertainment. And on a side note, the onion rings are to die for!

Blues in South West Florida

2013 12 14_Sarasota Slim_0167_edited-1

Last night I was commissioned to photograph a blues band from the Tampa Bay area, which was performing in a new venue here in South West Florida, Cadillac Jacks.  The band lead was Gene Hardage AKA Sarasota Slim.  What a treat to the ears this band was.  Because of some personnel changes the band played a bit of everything from blues, older rock and a little funk, mixed in with a couple of holiday tunes.  The young guitarist who took the lead on vocals from time to time was absolutely impeccable.  At one point Slim and the guitarist had this dueling guitar riff going on that spectacularly stunned the audience and delighted our audible senses.  We were also graced with an audience member who played a mean harp and added a nice element to a couple of blues numbers.  What a treat it was to enjoy an evening of great music and to meet a legend in the realm of blues music. Special thanks to Willie Miller of Mill Jenn Entertainment for this wonderful opportunity. I know this writer/photographer is looking forward to future shows.